Let's live science culture

vendredi 19. mai 2017 , 10:00 - 12:00 — Restaurant zum Äusseren Stand, Bern

Let’s live science culture


At the congress «We Scientists Shape Science» on January 2017, more than 200 scientists stated how science should evolve. How do we carry these ideas into the labs? How will we improve science culture in our daily scientific work? And how can we merge initiatives by institutions and the commitment of us scientists?


10.00 Welcome! Marcel Tanner, President of the SCNAT

10.10 CERN – Science without Borders: An example of a scientific, technical and training co-operation on a global scale, Felicitas Pauss, CERN, Board member SCNAT

10.25 Issues highlighted @ «We Scientists Shape Science», Roger Pfister, SCNAT

10.40 Commitment of SCNAT member societies

  • Hans Peter Beck, Vice-president Swiss Physical Society
  • Stéphanie Girardclos, Committee Swiss Society for Quaternary Research (CH-QUAT)
  • Jean Gruenberg, President Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2)

11.00 Discussion Let’s live science culture

  • Marc Creus, Lab leader at the University of Basel & Member of the Global Young Academy
  • Matthias Egger, President of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Gerd Folkers, President of the Swiss Science and Innovation Council & Chair of the programme committee «We Scientists Shape Science»
  • Stéphanie Girardclos, Maître d'enseignement et de recherche de l’Université de Genève; CH-QUAT
  • Christian Leumann, President of the Delegation for Research at swissuniversities & Rector of the University of Bern

11.50 Conclusions Marcel Tanner

12.00 Lunch

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