mardi 25. avril 2017 18.15 Uhr — Hörsaal 002, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Hallerstr. 12, 3012 Bern

María Cáceres-Piñuel (Bern)
"Una Cosa Rara" at Barcelona 1936

SMG Sektion Bern

The 3rd International Musicological Society Congress and the 14th International Society for Contemporary Music Festival were held simultaneously in Barcelona in 1936. Amid the political and nationalist polarizations that preceded the Spanish Civil War and Second World War, these events were conceived to illustrate the power of music to enable peace and international understanding. The performance of the Vicente Martín y Soler and Lorenzo Da Ponte’ Una cosa rara, ossia bellezza ed onestà by the amateur Club de Fútbol Junior was one of the various activities that took place on that encounter. This dramma giocoso, premiered in Vienna in 1786, had not been performed in Spain since the beginning of 19th century. From the several agents’ correspondence and the surrounding materials of the play, this paper is aimed to reconstruct and to analyse that performance considering the ideological postulates of the early music revival movement during the interwar period. Other goals of this paper are to assess the cosmopolitan and elitist character of the endeavor to recover 18th-century scenic music, and to remark the connections between those musical practices and the emerging culture of sports of that time.

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